Chair Yoga
Chair yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga
available. This class is accessible for every body
type, no previous yoga experience is necessary.
Many benefits include; increased balance, strength,
flexibility, range of motion, and stress reduction.

Days: Mondays and Thursdays
Time: 4:30PM-5:15PM
Location: Parks and Recreation
Ages: 16+
Price: $40/month, or $10 per class

Gentle Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Vinyasa flow yoga emphasizes the sequential
movement between postures, coordinated with and
guided by deliberate breathing. This class moves
from pose to pose with each held for no more than
5-8 breaths. Expect a fully balanced class of forward
bending, twists, and backbends. All levels are
welcome to join this vigorous practice in finding one’s
state of flow.

Days: Mondays and Thursdays
Times: 5:30-6:20PM
Location: Parks and Recreation
Ages: 16+
Price: $40/ month, or $10 per class