Exercise Equipment


senior treadmill_thumb.jpg

As a weight bearing exercise, treadmill walking exerts a pulling force on your bones that help prevent:

  • Age-related bone loss
  • Keeps joints flexible, especially if you suffer from arthritis
  • Allows you to train as vigorously or as gently as you like
  • With regular usage walking can strengthen your heart, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels

We have 3 treadmills available during regularly scheduled business hours.

Stationary Recumbent Exercise Bikes

exercise bike_thumb.jpg

Stationary bikes provide older adults a safe form of cardiovascular activity, as well as:

  • Promotes blood circulation in the legs
  • Less pressure on knees than upright bikes
  • Stress the gluteal muscles more than traditional bikes

The cushioned seat and curved back provide lumbar support keeping neck, shoulder and pelvis in alignment during exercise. The ergonomic seat can be adjusted for a more stable and comfortable ride. The position of the handlebars leveled on the side of the body and chest prevent you from arching your back and neck helping you to experience a smooth relaxing workout. 

We have 3 bikes available during regularly scheduled business hours.