Become a Lifeguard

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training makes learning fun and easy. Through classroom learning, online learning, and hands-on practice you’ll learn:

  • Surveillance skills to help you recognize and prevent injuries
  • Rescue skills – in the water and on land
  • First aid training and professional rescuer CPR to help you prepare for an emergency
  • Professional lifeguard skills like interacting with the public and addressing uncooperative patrons

Participants must be able to swim 300 yards continuously, retrieve a 10lb. brick from the bottom of the deep end of the pool, and tread water for 2 minutes. All participants must reach the age of 15 no later than May 31. Skills will be tested at the beginning of the class. Those who cannot pass the prerequisites will not be allowed to take the class and will receive a full refund short of $35 within ten working days. All online portions of the class must be completed before the first day of class.

Register at the Parks and Recreation Office located at 1002 N Music or online by May 24
An online component will be required of this course. Please register early to complete the online section before the class begins.

Dates:       May 28-31
Times:     8AM-11PM at the Splash, 1PM-3PM at the Parks and Recreation
Cost:         $175
Deadline to register is May 23